The archipelago

The Tremiti Islands, an archipelago of the south-western Adriatic Sea, rise about 20 km from the Gargano promontory.

L’arcipelago comprende cinque isole: l’isola di San Domino, the largest (2.08 km2) and the most fertile, the island of San Nicola (0,41 km2), Capraia (o Capperaia; 0,44 km2), lo scoglio del Cretaccioand 20 km away we find the farthest island Pianosa (0.13 km).

The "Tremiti Islands Marine Nature Reserve" was born in 1989 and in 1991 the management passed tothe Gargano National Park Authority..

The archipelago hosts some of the most evocative marine archaeological sites such as the wreck of Punta del Vuccolo (north side of San Domino), the remains of a cargo boat probably from the sixteenth century that sank 25 meters deep and is still visible, or as the even more famous statue of San Pio from Pietralcina placed in 1998 on the seabed of Capraia, it is three meters and eighty centimeters high, and is clearly visible even from the surface. The bronze work of the sculptor Mimmo Norcia.

The underwater panorama offers countless treasures, accessible both to the most experienced divers and to simple lovers of crystal clear waters with a mask and a snorkel: numerous wrecks to explore as well as the myriads of marine species that inhabit these splendid waters.

Not just seaside

The luxuriant vegetation present in San Domino and its conformation are also perfect for those who love small trekking and nature walks: the glimpses, panoramas and views from the cliffs will be unforgettable!

The Legend of Diomede

The Trèmiti are also called the Diomedee Islands, due to the legend that links them to the myth of Diomede.

According to an ancient legend, the Tremiti Islands are in fact indissolubly intertwined with the warlike exploits of Diomedes, an Achaean hero. It seems that Diomedes, after being forced to abandon his beloved homeland Argos, headed for the Adriatic, landing on the coasts of ancient Daunia. Here, after countless events, he married the daughter of the sovereign Dauno and inheriting the entire kingdom, he founded the Tremiti Islands.

Diomedes reigned uncontested until the end of his days in these new lands and his tomb is kept in a specific cave of the islands, on which the diomedee or shearwater continually hover - a species of birds similar to gulls, which, according to the legend, would be none other than the companions of Diomedes transformed by Aphrodite into "diomedee".

On the island of San Nicola there is a tomb from the Hellenic era still called nowadays the Tomb of Diomede.

During the moonless nights, it is possible to hear the verses of the diomedes, who are said to mourn the memory of their valiant leader guarding and watching over the now lifeless body of the Greek hero.

Even now, the Tremiti islands preserve marine treasures and extraordinary cliffs.

San Nicola: a village full of history

The only example of an abbey-fortress on an island, the "Monteccassino dell'Adriatico", in addition to hosting Diomede's tomb, is a true architectural jewel and treasure chest, interesting for its monumental remains, testimony to the history of the islands: towers, imposing fortifications, walls, reductions, churches and cloisters of a fortress-abbey, Santa Maria a Mare, in which the Benedictines of Cassino alternated, from the 9th century, the Cistercians, from 1237 to 1313, and the Lateran canons, from 1413 until the end of the sixteenth century.

San Nicola offers monuments that tourists must absolutely visit, including the Torrione del Cavaliere de Crocifisso; the Badiali Castle and the imposing and majestic Abbey of "Santa Maria a Mare", built by the Benedictines in 1045 AD. on whose portal there are splendid reliefs depicting the Virgin Mary, saints and cherubs.

How to get

Ferries from Termoli, Rodi Garganico, Vieste, Peschici, Capojale.

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More informations

The Tremiti Islands are the only Italian islands in the Adriatic Sea.
The island where our hotel structure is located is the island of San Domino, which houses restaurants, bars, cafes, tobacconists, food and mini markets, the post office and a small church.

For other services, links and tips for routes to discover the islands you can ask our receptionist who will be happy to provide you with all the information.

Isola di San Domino

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